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Indulgence Packages

Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence with one of these luxurious Ella Baché packages.

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1hr 15min

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Our most popular package for those with little time up their sleeve. It’s enough to make you feel as if you have been indulged for hours. Starting with a 15 minute back massage to loosen tight muscles followed by our Signature Facial to  ensure your skin recieves a healty glow. 

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2hr 15min

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Unwind with a 1hr full body relaxation massage followed by our iconic Signature Facial tailored by our skincare experts to suit your individual needs; includes a skin diagnosis, double cleanse, custom exfoliation, specialised massage, treatment mask and moisture protective. Finish with a rejuvenating foot exfoliation and soothing treatment mask for soft, silky feet. 

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2hrs 30min

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Replenish dehydrated skin with the Hydra Cellular Renewal Facial Treatment rich in hyaluronic acid to visibly refine and revive skin texture. Complete with a 30 minute relaxation body massage, refreshing foot exfoliation and treatment mask to soothe aching muscles. 

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