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IPL Hair Removal/Photo Rejuvenation

Let our qualified IPL therapist meet with you one on one for a complimentary consultation and discuss the latest in IPL Hair Removal or Photo Rejuvenation (includes a patch test).

 Our Somaderm IPL machine comes with 6 slide in filters. These filters range from 430nm, 480nm, 530nm, 590nm,  640nm, 690nm! Each filter is designed to treat hair removal, veins, vessels, rosacea, pigmentation, freckles, enlaged pores, sun damage, skin tightening/rejuvenation, acne, acne scarring and lifts breast tissue.! The US and German parts imported to put together this IPL are selected carefully and gone through vigorous technical and medical testing.


Complimentary Consultation

IPL / Photo Rejuvenation

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