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Flower Peel Flower Benefits

  • lavender plants (soothing for drier skins) 
  • rose petals (anti-aging properties) 
  • tea tree flowers (controls oily and blemish-prone skin) 

The grains give the same deep down clean feel as aluminum, without artificial ingredients, harsh salts, or chemical, making it suitable for even sensitive skinned clients.  Flower grains will not scratch skin, just provide a smooth texture as the flower grains are sprayed over skin then vacuumed up.  The by-product is environmentally friendly, so there are no concerns about pollution of waterways upon disposal.

Diamond -Microdermabrasion Lady









Microdermabrasion Treatment

40 Mins

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An intense exfoliation and cellular renewal treatment that uses a diamond tip to whisk away dead skin cells resulting in smooth, fresh, clean skin. Includes a Treatment Masque, choice of neck, shoulder, scalp massage or Intensive Hand Renewal Treatment.