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Skin diagnosis

Your skin has a set of characteristics that are unique to you. Some of these are noticeable on the surface, such as dryness or oiliness, but some can only be identified by a qualified Skin Therapist.

A Skin Diagnosis will allow your Skin Therapist to develop your daily skincare routine, and carefully select a range of recommended products.

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Express Facials

Why not really relax at lunchtime? Ella Baché Express Facials are designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time.

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Specialised Facials

Experience an iconic Ella Bache facial treatment geared with latest in advanced ingredient technology and state of the art techniques. With an individualised approach, both women and men can benefit from a superior facial treatment with an Ella Bache skincare expert. 

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Facial Treatment Boosters

Would you like a little something extra? At Ella Baché we believe you should have everything you want and a little bit more, so why not upgrade your facial with one or more treatment boosters to maximise results. 

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Body Treatments

Rejuvenate with an individualised body treatment or customise your own package for targeted results. 

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Body Solutions

Give back to your body and achieve the ultimate, healthy glowing skin.

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Relaxing Massages

Restores balance and vitality by draining sore, aching muscles.


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Hand and Foot Treatment

Compliment any facial with a hand or foot treatment to sooth and relax

** We do not service Manicure and Pedicure at Ella Bache Ivanhoe*


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Lashes and Brows

Enhance the eye contour with a professional therapist for a defined, more flattering appearance. 

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Our waxing treatments are performed using the highest Ella Bache quality wax. In accordance with strict hygiene standards, we do not re-cycle our wax, or double - dip implements. 

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Ultimate Packages

We've combined our most popular results driven facial and body treatments into three deluxe signature packages for the ultimate in full body rejuvenation. 

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Flower Peel Flower Benefits

  • lavender plants (soothing for drier skins) 
  • rose petals (anti-aging properties) 
  • tea tree flowers (controls oily and blemish-prone skin) 

The grains give the same deep down clean feel as aluminum, without artificial ingredients, harsh salts, or chemical, making it suitable for even sensitive skinned clients.  Flower grains will not scratch skin, just provide a smooth texture as the flower grains are sprayed over skin then vacuumed up.  The by-product is environmentally friendly, so there are no concerns about pollution of waterways upon disposal.

Diamond -Microdermabrasion Lady









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Oxygen facial treatments

Oxygen is essential to the health and maintenance of skin cells in the human body.

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Make Up
A make over for every occassion. Experience the latest professional techniques & colours. Ask your therapist for further details about our make-up service and our redeemable product offer.
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Spray Tan

Enriched with skin moisturing properties, our liquid tan dries instantly and leaves a natural golden tan. 

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IPL Hair Removal/Photo Rejuvenation

Let our qualified IPL therapist meet with you one on one for a complimentary consultation and discuss the latest in IPL Hair Removal or Photo Rejuvenation (includes a patch test).

 Our Somaderm IPL machine comes with 6 slide in filters. These filters range from 430nm, 480nm, 530nm, 590nm,  640nm, 690nm! Each filter is designed to treat hair removal, veins, vessels, rosacea, pigmentation, freckles, enlaged pores, sun damage, skin tightening/rejuvenation, acne, acne scarring and lifts breast tissue.! The US and German parts imported to put together this IPL are selected carefully and gone through vigorous technical and medical testing.


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